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The year 1989 was the year Donna Karan (also known as DKNY) revolutionized the fashion industry with her groundbreaking creativity, and it all began with a simple concept. All that Donna wanted was to start a clothing line to prevent her daughter from continuously raiding her closet.

Donna began her creative career at Anne Klein, where she worked as head designer for over ten years. In 1984, Donna Karan had the opportunity to found her own fashion label. Just one year later, she attracted attention with her women's collection "Seven Easy Pieces". This collection is still considered groundbreaking today because these interchangeable pieces and accessories positively targeting the working woman can be combined with each other in infinite ways.

The brand continued to everlastingly boom until the late 80s and eventually branched out several new product lines including eyewear, menswear, fragrances, kids, and more! Moreover, the products of "DKNY" can be combined at will and are not only made for the catwalk. This also increases the number of DKNY fans on a daily basis.

Donna Karan always tries to balance softness and tension with her fragrances, all while celebrating the modern woman. The brand’s fans appreciate these compositions, which come across as lively, fresh, original and urban without seeming decadent.

The heart and soul of New York are available from "DKNY" as enticingly cheeky fragrances in seductive flacons.
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OlablancOlablanc 3 months ago
Golden Delicious (Eau de Parfum) - DKNY / Donna Karan

Golden Delicious (Eau de Parfum) Classy and fresh
I love this perfume! It used to be my signature because it was so classy, pleasant and fresh I could wear it anywhere anytime. I don't seem to get tired of it and since nobody I know has used it and I have never smelled it on anyone before - perfect....

Chaos (1996) (Eau de Parfum) - DKNY / Donna Karan

Chaos (1996) (Eau de Parfum) Perfection not Chaos
Very rare creation absolutely unique and beautifully balanced, nothing chaotic about it. My nose perceives the most harmonious fresh foral spicy blend I've ever came across. So soft and cozy yet so luscious filled with intoxicating images, making...

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