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As unusual as the name of the fragrance label "D.S. & Durga" is also a look behind its scenes. "D.S. & Durga" was founded by musician and lecturer David Seth, who had a penchant for romance, literature, and music at an early age. On a date with architect Kavi Ahuja, he compared her to Durga, a Hindu goddess. Together, they later launched the label "D.S. & Durga" and maintained its high status like they always envisioned it.

D.S. & Durga" also goes its own way when it comes to ingredients and production. In their work, Seth and Ahuja found themselves drawn to old books on plants and herbs, with recipes for tonics, lotions, and creams.

The actual development process at "D.S. & Durga" is timely due to their focus on quality over quantity. This - along with the costly substances and low yield - is reflected in the price of the fragrances but is largely compensated for by the absence of fragrance designers and middlemen.

The aromas of "D.S. & Durga" are often based on coriander, citrus, jasmine, leather, or wood. Seth wants to use them to evoke earlier legends of America. He, therefore, tries to create a connection between the immigrants, western heroes, gold prospectors and pioneers, and the 21st century. The fragrances are sold on the Internet and in the company's store in Brooklyn.
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Latest Reviews

Landshark321Landshark321 2 days ago
St. Vetyver - D.S. & Durga

St. Vetyver Creative, balanced vetiver - a little fresh, a little dark, with some pep
D.S. & Durga St. Vetyver is a robust vetiver-laden mix, somewhere between fresh and ashy/earthy, with touches of classic fougere in the background, perhaps as a function of some of the other...

Landshark321Landshark321 3 days ago
Jazmín Yucatan - D.S. & Durga

Jazmín Yucatan Lovely fresh floral with cloves and resins
D.S. & Durga Jazmin Yucutan is a 2020 release from this Brooklyn-based niche house, conjuring the tropical bright floral, green experience one might expect from the name. It opens with a loud, fairly sharp statement led by white...

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