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Behind the MGO Duftmanufaktur is Hans Georg Staudt. Born in 1956, he was fascinated by smells from childhood on and came to the production of fragrances via psychology, although there they were only a means to an end. A reminiscence of this origin is the logo "Duftanker", which is still used today. Only later did he develop perfumes in the cosmetic sense. At first exclusively for himself. Since 2010, about 300 fragrances have been created. But after more and more acquaintances acknowledged and encouraged him, he went to market with some of his most mature products.

The complete coverage of the entire fragrance spectrum, in order to appeal to as many buyer groups as possible, is not part of the philosophy of the MGO Duftmanufaktur. Instead, only what Hans Georg Staudt himself likes to wear is bottled. The niche within the niche, so to speak. But this does not mean that MGO Duftmanufaktur does not also create individual Bespoke perfumes according to customer wishes. All its fragrances are produced only in very small editions. So when the corresponding raw materials are out of stock, the fragrances affected by this are also no longer reproducible.

Hans Georg Staudt is obsessed with fragrances. He has access to around 1,500 ingredients, which he procures from all over the world. Important to him is a very large proportion of natural ingredients that give his perfumes "soul." In search of these, he also likes to make his own way to the Orient to buy directly there. This part of the world is also the linchpin of most of his creations. Due to his personal preference for good performance, his perfumes also have an above-average proportion of fragrances.

Hans Georg Staudt is also a workaholic and perfectionist. In addition to his professional work as a management consultant, he spends every free minute on the mental and technical realization of fragrances. This includes not only procuring raw materials and preparing essences, but also bottling his fragrances himself, designing flacons and brands, and shipping his creations. Everything from a single source.

If you want to know more about Hans Georg Staudt, the man who is the MGO Duftmanufaktur, you should read the detailed interview "Consumer meets producer - a visit to the MGO Duftmanufaktur" with him.
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Regarding this perfume I think that with a title like the one in this review I could have described it. I suppose that the birch tar in combination with the tobacco + labdanum (?) Is what gives me a smoky sensation, enhanced...

LioncourtLioncourt 2 months ago
Yogananda - Duftanker MGO Duftmanufaktur

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