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When a new fragrance that combines Asian poetry with the highest perfumer's art launches in Paris, a new niche brand is most likely born. And this is exactly the case of the luxury label "Dusita".

The brand stemmed from the passion of Pissara Umavijani, but everyone just called her "Ploi". The young woman grew up in Thailand and was fascinated by the essence of her homeland. In addition, the daughter of a poet loved the many books in her parents' house. So it was only a matter of time before Umavijani - supported by the poetry of her father Montri Umavijani - ventured into her first creations.

Pissara Umavijani was able to convince famous perfumers worldwide, mainly due to the rare and precious essence of her homeland. But because she saw few opportunities for international expansion in Thailand, she went to Paris in 2011, where she opened her fragrance atelier. There she created more noble fragrances until she finally achieved her breakthrough with "Dusita" in 2016.

The name "Dusita" was carefully chosen. It is a Buddhist term that can be translated to "paradise," "contentment" or "joy." And that is what Pissara Umavijani is striving for. She wants to continue her father's poetic work with the exotic substances of her homeland. To do this, she uses oils, powders, and resins that are part of the Siamese way of life and enriches them with sandalwood, jasmine, or beeswax. The fragrances are so unique that "Ploi" is now a respected expert in the world of fragrances.
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Latest Reviews

KuraiKurai 5 days ago
As a fruity floral-woody, this may be not the most unique composition, but in terms of quality this leaves those from the department stores far behind. Plus, what makes this really stand out is the way it evokes a "sunny day in spring” mood. Anamcare...
AuthopsyAuthopsy 1 month ago
Fecal at the start, with a pungent entry, this perfume needs time to prove its worth. Musk, Oud and civet are no small feat and if you put them together you have to be aware of the slap in the face you will get. Personally...

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