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Born in Iowa in 1945, Donald Ed Hardy is an American tattoo artist and fashion designer. He was the first tattoo artist to apply Japanese aesthetics to his work.

In 2004, French fashion designer Christian Audigier licensed the rights for an Ed Hardy fashion brand based on his images.

The first Ed Hardy fragrances appeared in 2008.
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Latest Reviews

MrHonestMrHonest 3 years ago
Love & Luck for Men - Ed Hardy

Love & Luck for Men Knock knock. Who's there? Some kid...
Yeah. The first time I smelled Millesime Imperial (MI), I wasn't impressed. In fact, I hated it. Like a salty and sour mandarin gone bad. The first time I smelled Love & Luck (L&L), I nearly gagged. Bloody awful, I thought....

GoldGold 8 years ago
Love & Luck for Men - Ed Hardy

Love & Luck for Men Clean citrus-aromatic
On the German site, some people really indulge in "Ed Hardy bashing" - taking the mickey out of this (admittedly) not very elegant/tasteful brand. The fragrance is perceived and described as over-the-top vulgar and repulsive. Well,...

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