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"Ellen Betrix, the care company"-who doesn't know it, the chic English-language advertising slogan? But Ellen Betrix is a German company that has been in existence since 1959. As with Margaret Astor, it is a purely imaginary name; there never was a Mrs. Betrix. The German headquarters was located in Dreieich-Sprendlingen at that time, but has long since been closed.

Ellen Betrix initially concentrated on cosmetics for ladies. Lipsticks, nail polish and make-up of the house were and are known worldwide. In 1973, the men's series was added under the name "Henry M. Betrix".

Several fragrances were launched in the following years, initially under the company's own name, but later also under license for Hugo Boss, Laura Biagiotti and others. The company subsidiary Eurocos was founded for this purpose. The in-house creations could certainly compete with other major brands of the time. They were typical fragrances of the 70s/80s with chypre accords or oriental notes in the corresponding flacon and packaging design.

This was followed by the acquisition of Ellen Betrix by Revlon in 1989 and finally the sale to Procter & Gamble in 1991. Procter & Gamble also bought the cosmetics brand Max Factor and decided in 2000 to unite the two brand names, which is why you can also find the name "Max Factor by Ellen Betrix'' on newer products. However, the production of Betrix fragrances was discontinued quite soon under the new management and they focused only on the cosmetics and makeup sector. However, Procter & Gamble continues to hold the former Betrix licenses to Boss and Biagiotti.
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Trance (Eau de Parfum) - Ellen Betrix

Trance (Eau de Parfum) I've Fallen Under Trance's Spell...
Trance opens with a slightly sweet deep, jasmine spiced fruity hybrid pruned plum accord with a vague woody undertone. Moving to the early heart, the spiced pruned fruit melds with the woods as co-stars, with smoky amber joining...

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