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Etat Libre d'Orange is a Paris-based brand founded in 2006 that has adopted the slogan "Le parfum est mort, vive le parfum!" ("Perfume is dead, long live perfume!") and sees itself as a "state" (French: état): a virtual nation of perfume freethinkers who - unrestricted by the interests of the big brands and markets - uncompromisingly understand perfume as art and fragrance creation as artistic creation. The initiator and owner Etienne de Swardt gives perfumers the opportunity to develop a fragrance consistently and completely following the inspiration.

As subversive, non-conformist and taboo-breaking as Etat Libre d'Orange describes itself, however, the market reaction has been equally good, and in just a few years the brand has been able to establish itself well in the market segment of niche perfumes. Consumability of art in the sense of pop art is entirely in line with Etat Libre d'Orange philosophy.

The Etat Libre d'Orange nation also gives fragrances names in a similarly uncompromising manner, and often these are irritating or even offensive. "Don't get me wrong, baby, I don't swallow" ("Don't get me wrong, baby, I don't swallow"), for example, is a much more explicit sexual-pornographic name than perfume is known for. The perfume-atypical, sometimes provocative names are understood as a teasing invitation into the theme of the respective fragrance.
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Latest Reviews

KuraiKurai 19 days ago
Jasmin et Cigarette - Etat Libre d'Orange

Jasmin et Cigarette Bit of a stinker
People who tried ELd'O know that this is a peculiar house. I like the rebellious, non-conformist positioning, although some of their creations tend to be a bit 'artsy fartsy'. And some are just plain outrageous. This one, Jasmin et Cigarette, has a few of the typical...

LaceyastraLaceyastra 2 months ago
Eau de Protection / Rossy de Palma - Etat Libre d'Orange

Eau de Protection / Rossy de Palma Interesting offering
I'm halfway through sampling eldo's line. I've been quite surprised by how rose centric the house is, and fairly let down on performance, with some notable exceptions. Eau de Protection is one such exception; opens with bright ginger, pepper...

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