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At “Evody Parfums”, all creative processes are firmly in the hands of Régine Droin, who experimented with essential oils from an early age, and her daughter. Driven by an endless passion, Droin later created her first recipes and formulas for exquisite and unusual perfumes. She eventually landed a job in a PR operation for several Parisian fragrance houses.

She passed on her passion to her daughter, Cérine Vasseur, who has always taken great pleasure in developing, refining, and creating new fragrances. This led the mother-daughter duo to finally launch their niche label "Evody Parfums" in the Saint-Germain district of Paris in 2006. The term "Evody" stands for the "tree of a hundred thousand flowers," a metaphor for the hundred thousand fragrances yet to be created by the two women.

With their Collection Première, Droin and Vasseur took their niche brand to a new direction. The fragrances reimagined personal moments in the lives of the two women and stories of school, marriage, children, and travel. Each perfume is a tribute to a special moment. For example, "Bois Secret" (woody note, spices) represented memories of their father, and "Ambre Intense" (incense, laurel) represented trips to the coast. The two women behind "Evody Parfums" consider their creations "autobiographical perfumes".

The flacons and collections are found on fragrance portals, in drugstores (Douglas), and on the label's homepage.

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Latest Reviews

SeeroseSeerose 7 years ago
Collection Première - Note de Luxe - Evody

Collection Première - Note de Luxe Beanissimo
Seldom I was able to smell in a perfume so clearly the particular scent of tonka bean than in "Note de Luxe". But at first I was smelling a more resinous-bergamotte note together with a slight soapy flower-mixture and vanilla. I was considering...

Delphine67Delphine67 10 years ago
Collection Première - Musc Intense - Evody

Collection Première - Musc Intense wonderfull musk
This is a wonderfull musk scent from Evody. Im not familiar with this brand but this one is lovely. It opens fresh woody and a bit sour to my nose, with a hint of cedar and bergamot. That stage I find it slightly masculin but this is not for long. The...

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