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The Fragonard perfume house is one of the oldest and largest traditional companies in the southern French town of Grasse. Even before the First World War, the entrepreneur Eugène Fuchs, who had a soft spot for fragrances, began selling perfumes directly to summer visitors who spent their vacations on the Côte d'Azur.

In 1926, the Fragonard perfumery was finally founded. The choice of name is, among other things, a tribute to the town of Grasse, where Eugène Fuchs had settled with his family. At the same time, it is intended as a reminder of the French rococo painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard, who came from Grasse.

Over time, the House of Fragonard expanded its business far beyond the city limits of Grasse to Paris and soon gained international fame. In the 1970s, Jean-François Costa modernized the company and also founded perfume museums in Grasse and Paris. Currently, his daughters Agnès and Françoise Costa run the company.
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Scentrack: Sixpence Non The Richer – Kiss Me Fragonard is a well-known fragrance house from Grasse that dates back to 1920s, However, for some reason it is not very popular in the Fragcom. There is not a lot of talk...

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Grain de Soleil - Fragonard

Grain de Soleil Cookies and crêpes by the beach
I wanted to try something new for this summer, and decided to blind buy a bottle of Grain de Soleil, apparently an older bottle. I don't have much experience with Fragonard, I've tried a few that were OK, but not more than that....

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