Fragrance Du Bois

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Perfumes of this brand have been rated 8.0 of 10 on average. 1319 perfume ratings have been submitted so far.

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CCatalina1CCatalina1 7 days ago
Sahraa / Sahraa Oud - Fragrance Du Bois

Sahraa / Sahraa Oud About the older one,the new...
Quiet.This is all there is when the olfactory senses first encounter Sahraa Oud.A still moment in time and space to absorb and embrace one of the masterpieces the world of perfumery has offered.Emotions and feelings blended with quality...

Kevinoud69Kevinoud69 3 months ago
Pure Oud - Fragrance Du Bois

Pure Oud Wahouuu
I had the chance to test this hyper concentrated eau de parfum at a Parfumista / Barista friend. Until now I had read a lot of comments on the other references named "Oud" and which apparently was not strong in animal note. But this one ........ From start...

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