Francesca Bianchi

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KyrabiKyrabi 2 months ago
Freefall - Etruscan Water - Francesca Bianchi

Freefall - Etruscan Water Chapeau, Francesca Bianchi.
A chypre of unique beauty. Musky, green, pungent and dusty. Starting from the opening and passing to the heart and then to drying, the perfume gives different phases, all extremely beautiful, soft. You can clearly perceive the accord...

KyrabiKyrabi 2 months ago
The Black Knight - Francesca Bianchi

The Black Knight ultra male
Leather, vetiver, dry green notes and iris to make everything more dusty. Pungent, sometimes rough and angular. It's male, not simply to indicate his gender but because he is really male to the nth degree. There is not a single note in this perfume that...

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