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Cognac and the production of cognac seem to bring a certain closeness to perfume: Not only did a Kilian Hennessy become a perfumer, but Beatrice Cointreau-Frapin also attended Jean Jacques Guerlain's perfume school and is now a perfumer. She comes from the ancient line of the Frapin cognac family, which traces its family tree back to 1270. 1270 is also the name of her first fragrance, which she created (along with the house's chief cellar master) for the house's fledgling perfume line. While 1270 olfactorally traces cognac with vine blossom, grape and wood, the other perfumes bearing the old and famous Frapin name (so far by Beatrice Cointreau-Frapin, Sidonie Lancesseur and Jeanne-Marie Faugier) are each dedicated to different olfactory themes. However, although conceived for contemporary noses, they all follow classic and historical themes, fully committed to the brand of brandy that is steeped in tradition and history.
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BearsmellBearsmell 2 months ago
Checkmate - Frapin

Checkmate Prepare for the heat of the summer
Checkmate is the scent of that idyllic Sunday in the garden, a spring breeze that carries the refreshing fragrance of surrounding groves and ripening citrus and intertwines with the sweetly invigorating cardamom. Smooth, floral...

BearsmellBearsmell 2 months ago
1270 Extrême - Frapin

1270 Extrême My new discover..
In 1270, the famous Frapin family settled in the Charente region of France, but above all, this perfume has become mythical for its sweetness, its honey-like and fruity notes. David Frossard, artistic director of Frapin perfumes, wanted to take...

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