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Parfumerie Galimard is one of the first French perfume houses. As you travel the rich world of this perfumer, you will notice signs of exclusivity due to its unique working methods, history, and PR.

When Jean de Galimard founded his empire in 1747, perfume houses were still unknown, although there was a demand for fragrances and aromas. After a short time, Jean de Galimard already became a purveyor to the court of King Louis XV, supplying him with fragrances, powders, and oils he created himself. This made Galimard the third oldest perfume company in the world. At the same time as the economic rise, the first location Grasse on the Côte d'Azur, with its many fragrances, also developed into the world's first perfume metropolis.

In 1920, farmer and war veteran Siméon Roux planted large areas of his village of Gourdon with jasmine and orange blossoms. Roux created several fragrances in his laboratory and also revived the old recipes of Jean de Galimard. In this way, Galimard was able to survive as a brand into the new millennium.

However, good references are not all that the Galimard brand has, because the French fragrance artists cultivate an intensive kind of customer loyalty. For example, the label has been offering special perfume workshops in Grasse since 1996. A sample laboratory opened in 2007 to demonstrate the art of fragrance creation.

Because of the masterful fragrance creations of Galimard, and the long tradition of the former purveyor to the court, the company was listed in the "List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by the UN in 2018.
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Latest Reviews

GtabassoGtabasso 10 months ago
Chinchilla - Galimard

Chinchilla I would not call this a spicy floral
This is lovely. A spring floral with aldehydes that at first in the bottle smells like jasmine and/or honeysuckle but when I put it on I get a gardenia with aldehydes. It doesn't last long but goes on like an oily parfum and projects...

FuitaFuita 11 months ago
Bel Canto pour Homme - Galimard

Bel Canto pour Homme It is not a nice song...
It is not a nice just listen to it. It is like a mature Guilty Pour Homme Gucci without lavender and not as cloying as the italian one. I really enjoy the longevity and the sillage and if i had to choose between those two i will...

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