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GoLeafsGo7GoLeafsGo7 2 months ago
Still - Henry Jacques

Still The greatest fragrance of all-time...well, at least in my book
I have never smelled anything as good as Still. It is mind-blowing, exquisite, heavenly and addictive. Still is a divine vanilla scent, supported by beautiful floral and woody elements. Jasmine is the most...

GoLeafsGo7GoLeafsGo7 3 months ago
La Nuit de HJ - Henry Jacques

La Nuit de HJ Jasmine-based Floral Oriental gem!
I’ll start of by noting that La Nuit is part of HJ’s Les Classiques lineup. As far as I know, La Nuit is only available in oil format currently and not available in spray format as part of the Les Brumes line. Moving on to the juice,...

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