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The French brand Hermès is one of the first luxurious, top-notch brands which started an online trade, and surprisingly started from producing harness and saddles. Founded in 1837, the family-owned company now operates worldwide from Paris and, in addition to wearable fashion, it is widely known for both Birkin & Kelly bags that were named in the honor of Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin respectively.
The fragrances from the house of Hermès alone are divided into six different categories. In addition to fragrances for men and women, the selection also includes fundamental and exclusive aromas, as well as fragrances for special events. In addition, the large selection of fine fragrances is emphasized by many different designs in the flacons. With a choice of playful, minimalist or cubist shapes, the bottles are intended to create a visual link to the fragrant contents.
In terms of aromas, Hermès follows the natural fragrances with varying degrees of exoticism. For example, the men's perfume "Terre d'Hermès" exudes benzoin and shiso in addition to grapefruit and cedarwood aromas. "Eau des Merveilles" for women is dominated by oakmoss, cedarwood and fir, while "Elixir des Merveilles" (also for women) exudes an aroma of oak, orange, cedarwood, vanilla and incense.

Many of the brand’s fragrances are also available as gift sets, travel sets and lavish combinations. And for collectors and lovers, Hermès has ready the "Collection Colognes" called "Parfum-Jardins", whose flacons (50 ml and 100 ml) are matched in shape and color.
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HugoMontezHugoMontez 13 days ago
Rocabar (Eau de Toilette) - Hermès

Rocabar (Eau de Toilette) Fall in a forest
Rocabar is so good and unique that i can't put my finger on any note in particular. There's a woody and sweet resinous thing going on (definitely Benzoin mixed with cedar) but the opening adds fresh citrus and herbs, and the coniferous aspect is always...

MlleghoulMlleghoul 24 days ago
Hermessence Ambre Narguilé - Hermès

Hermessence Ambre Narguilé Spiced compotes and cozy oversized cardigans
Ambre Narguilé from the Hermes Hermessence line gets a lot of apple pie references from reviewers, but I don’t get that myself. A spiced compote, perhaps. Dried fruits–raisins and plums, stewed in honey and rum and cinnamon...

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