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The French house "Histoires de Parfums" was founded by Gérald Ghislain in 2000. This label belongs to the so-called niche labels that have a unique and spontaneous view of the world of fragrances and aromas.
Ghislain is a distinguished man with unusual views, which are reflected in his fragrances. He looks at his creations from a literary point of view. Depending on the fragrance, Ghislain speaks of poetry, novels, and sometimes a score. In his eyes, the collections of "Histoires de Parfums" are an olfactive library of scents with which stories and history come to life - similar to books through words. Ghislain sees himself as an author and storyteller who brings historical figures to life with his fragrances.
Given the company's philosophy, the names of the individual products are also hardly surprising. For example, there are names such as Jules Verne or Mona Lisa; other product series merely bear a year as a name (1804, 1826, 1876, etc.). But the "fragrance author" goes even further. One series, whose flacons and packages are all designed in bold blue, was given the name "This is not a blue bottle." Another collection (all black) includes scents like "Respectless'' and "Determined."
"Histoires de Parfums" designs and produces all fragrances in its workshops. In addition, the label also offers e-workshops, workshops, and seminars on the development and production of perfume or raw materials.
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1889 - Moulin Rouge - Histoires de Parfums

1889 - Moulin Rouge Boudoir
It opens to me slightly animalistic. Then iris as in paper iris which I love very much. Now I have a boudoir sweet but not too sweet scent that is wonderfully around me, unfortunately the iris has disappeared. But I'm fine with the scent that remains. This...

IrisOrrisIrisOrris 23 days ago
Ambre 114 - Histoires de Parfums

Ambre 114 Embrace
Little did I know what amber was, little did I know that I would become amber addicted, but here I am and I'm addicted. And that's partly because of this beauty The first time I wore her I gave in. The drydown is the pinnacle of heaven for me. The powder...

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