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The fact that the timelessly elegant brand "House of Sillage'' can pour its heart and soul into the art of fragrance making makes it all the more special. There, each flacon is a total work of art for all the senses in terms of design, appearance, content, and handling.

The nose behind "House of Sillage" belongs to Romanian-born Nicole Mather, who initially worked for various banking houses after her commercial training in the USA. Perfume was only a passion of Mather's for a long time until she made the world of fragrances her purpose in life.

The fragrance palette itself is already broad at "House of Sillage"; the perfumes often have the objective in the name ("Whispers of Enlightenment", "Love in the Air" etc.), but individual collections, special editions, and anniversary fragrances are also offered.

But the portfolio at "House of Sillage" includes much more than just fragrances and aromas, it features things like make-up products (skin and face care, lipsticks), and even for a good scent in the purse and special sprays.

Finally, the products of "House of Sillage'' become a work of art through the design. For example, some fragrances are studded with diamond-cut Swarovski crystals or feature pop art motifs. Among the highlights of the brand are undoubtedly the luxurious and delicate cupcake-style vials. In elegance, beauty, and design, the elaborate specimens are reminiscent of the world-famous Fabergé eggs. Although the flacons can be refilled, they are also suitable as coveted collector's items.
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Latest Reviews

IndominableIndominable 19 days ago
Passion de L'Amour Nouvelle Liaison - House of Sillage

Passion de L'Amour Nouvelle Liaison Fantastic scent
First spray I get a peppery citrus smell. Go easy, it’s strong and lasts all day. An hour or so and the rose and leather pokes its way out in a nice way. The oud is a nice anchor, and helps tie it together perfectly. Another masterpiece from HOS,...

IndominableIndominable 19 days ago
HoS N.001 - House of Sillage

HoS N.001 Cinnamon vanilla spicy goodness.
There’s nothing out there that smells like this. First spray is a cinnamon clove bomb. It’s delicious, but go easy because it’s strong and can be cloying at first. 20-30 minutes out and it smooths into some nice woodsy vanilla...

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