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Wolfgang1987Wolfgang1987 9 months ago
Aire de Barcelona per Dona - Instituto Español

Aire de Barcelona per Dona Not the same notes as Carner - Tardes Barcelona
Top notes : Pear, Mandarin, Apple Middle Notes: Peach, Rose, Violet, Jasmine Base notes : Amber, Vanilla, Musk, Cedar Smells like 90% similar to Pink Flamingos by Prada with that Bright, Fruity, Hairspray lift....

NazguL2NazguL2 8 years ago
Blue by Aire de Sevilla - Instituto Español

Blue by Aire de Sevilla An unusual summer fragrance
It's a Spanish version of CW but with a woody base that makes the difference. Correct longevity but average sillage for a good price. if you're tired of CW you can try this on summer!

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