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It is the combination of the two creative souls and emphasis on sensuality that made the fragrance brand "Jul et Mad" so distinguished and exceptional.

Julien Blanchard started studying biology after earning his master's degree in neuroscience. His interest was in the functioning of the human brain. Simultaneously, Romanian-born Madalina Stoica decided to pursue a career in the cosmetics and beauty industry. At some point, Julien and Madalina met in Paris, fell in love, and realized that they also harmonized in expectations and dreams. Thus, the fragrance label "Jul et Mad" (Julian and Madalina) was born, and the two namesakes opened their first Haute-parfumerie house.

The luxurious fragrance creations of "Jul et Mad" reflect the close bond between the two founders, their passions, and their love for each other. This was noticed in the first collection "Les White". According to the two perfumers, this fragrance collection took great inspiration from music, art, history, and philosophy. Fragrance series such as "Mon Seul Désir" and "Fugit Amor" were similarly successful. The "Bella Donna" series, with its aroma, is intended to provide a "detour to Renaissance painting and then to the sculpture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries."

All fragrances from the house of "Jul et Mad" are very noble and inspiring, which may be due to the exquisite substances, but also to the great passion of Julien and Madalina Blanchard.
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PetraAPetraA 7 months ago
Amour de Palazzo - Jul et Mad

Amour de Palazzo Seductive date scent
This is masterfully blended concoction by Dorothée Piot. None of the notes jumps out but all dance perfectly together. At first it feels very simple but on wear you will know that this is a complicated formula very carefully created. Different...

DrseidDrseid 8 months ago
Terrasse à St-Germain - Jul et Mad

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Terrasse a St Germain opens with a soft tangerine and sanitized grapefruit citrus tandem with a hint of underlying rose in support before quickly transitioning to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the citrus...

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