J. R. Watkins

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GtabassoGtabasso 2 years ago
Scentique - J. R. Watkins

Scentique another lovely floral by Watkins
a lovely sweet floral with some aldehyde, hyacinth, lilac, sandalwood, a bit sweet but dry; very vintage. Watkins really has a handle on vintage florals. I own three by them and am trying to acquire more. They aren't strong, more...

GtabassoGtabasso 2 years ago
Sarah - J. R. Watkins

Sarah a sweet lovely floral
I can't find any info on this house or notes. I own a number of these fragrances. They all are vintage florals. This one to my nose is orchid, mimosa, ylang and musk. It is very musky and has that orchid feel to it without being powdery or soapy....

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