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A company history of more than 100 years is not all that distinguishes the eponymous brand Patou. The French fashion house also has a flair for luxurious and contemporary fashion.

Jean Patou is the founder of his iconic brand, born in Paris in 1887. After school, he wanted to follow his uncle professionally and trained as a furrier. Under the name Maison Parry, Jean Patou opened a small fashion studio with tailoring in 1914.

In addition to his first collections, Jean Patou initially produced sportswear for "white sports" (golf, skiing, etc.). Therefore, his creations were the official tennis clothing at the World Tennis Championships in Wimbledon in 1921. With an unerring eye and a lot of creativity, Patou expanded its range and opened more boutiques in France, and solidified its popularity in the USA from 1924.

The Patou label was a breath of fresh air to the fashion scene at the time. One novelty, for example, was that individual pieces could also be combined to create new ensembles. In addition, many creations got a big plus in functions through additional accessories.

As early as 1925, the "most elegant man in Europe" also created various fragrances, which remain iconic today. Among the most popular perfumes of the brand are "Amour Amour" from 1925 or "Joy" from 1930. For "Joy", the press invented the term "most expensive perfume in the world". It also occupies second place in terms of popularity right after the legendary "Chanel Nº 5" by Coco Chanel.
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After the Wall Street Crash had started the Great Depression, perfumeries might have knuckled down with sombre creations or just gone quiet. Not so with Patou, they went bananas; with Joy – the ‘most expensive perfume in the world’, and then...

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Ma Liberté - Jean Patou

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