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Perfumes of this brand have been rated 7.9 of 10 on average. 357 perfume ratings have been submitted so far.

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NiningemNiningem 3 months ago
Unue - Jeroboam

UNUE is a bouquet of joyful feelings, as if the last summer moments would still keep playing around... as if a pure and light ray of light would dance in my hair together with the butterflies... It's all about a wonderful mix of sparkling...

Bashke81Bashke81 9 months ago
Oriento - Jeroboam

Oriento Beauty in a bottle
This one is really good! Yes, there is rose and yes there is oud as well, but blended so good. This one does not contain jammy rose or skanky oud at all. It it just so wonderfull and it last like crazy on my skin. This house is very underrated...

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