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Jesús del Pozo (* 21st December 1946, † 13th August 2011) was a spanish fashion designer, who ventured as well into the fragrance market and released his own perfume line during the 90s in collaboration with Perfumes y Diseño. The line included successful fragrances Quasar and Halloween. After the death of the designer, the company Perfumes y Diseño still distributes the fragrances today and acquired the licence for the fashion line as well. However, in 2014 they decided to symbolically let go of the brand name Jesús del Pozo. Therefore, since 2015 the only two lines still existing, Halloween and Arabian Nights, are marketed separately.
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Latest Reviews

ElysiumElysium 9 months ago
Ambar - Jesus del Pozo

Ambar Almodóvar Artist’s Secret Splinter
For an unknown reason, my mind associates this scent to the figure of the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, his films, his characters, to his women. It is probably only the nationality that unites the designer and the director,...

IndominableIndominable 10 months ago
Quasar (Eau de Toilette) - Jesus del Pozo

Quasar (Eau de Toilette) Extremely unique, a 1990’s powerhouse.
First spray is extremely intense, almost cloying. I smell the banana and heavier florals right then. But 10-15 minutes out, it dries down into the most amazing floral aquatic, with a deep earthiness to it. Like a fresh rain...

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