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The international fashion & lifestyle brand "Joop!" is indisputably one of the global players in the industry. Decades of success and a wide range of products have given the brand a large fanbase. Behind "Joop!" is the Potsdam fashion designer Wolfgang Joop, who founded the brand back in 1986. The company name is meant to convey special energy, strength and presence through the exclamation mark. "Joop!" exclusively covers the brand's perfumes and fragrances, while current fashion is sold under the name "Wunderkind". The fragrance creations by "Joop!" are unusually multi-layered visually, in terms of color and in the top note. They are targeted to both men and women.

The names of the individual perfumes already suggest a dynamic lifestyle and a way of life. The fragrances include such energetic waters as "Joop! Thrill Man", "Joop! Miss Wild", "Joop! Go" and "Joop! Homme Sexy in Pink".

One of the most popular creations from the house of "Joop!" is the Eau de Toilette "Joop! Homme (Eau de Toilette)" (1989). With base notes of vanilla, sandalwood and Tonka beans, mixed with top notes of mandarin, orange blossom and lemon, "Homme" surprises men with a sweetly oriental aroma. In contrast, the fragrance "Joop! Go" (2007) is somewhat fresher. The wearers of this composition can look forward to ingredients such as cypress, musk, bitter orange and violet. In the right mix, "Joop!" creates a refreshing fruity scent that is an ideal companion not only on balmy summer evenings. And the brand also offers a romantic fragrance attitude with "Le Bain Soft Moments" (2012). Peach blossom, Amyris wood and a splash of orchid water ensure flowery and peaceful moments.

Creativity and individuality in design can also be seen immediately in the visual appearance of "Joop!". The colors of the individual fragrances and the shapes of the flacons constantly break the borders of the ordinary. Each perfume has its own flacon, which makes the fragrances popular collectors' items in a sophisticated ambience. From clear lines and geometric shapes to slender, round or playful flacons, every conceivable design is represented.

Another advantage of the lifestyle fragrances by "Joop!" are the many different sizes in which the flacons are sold. It’s usual for the small works of art to be available in 30 ml, 40 ml, 50 ml, 75 ml, 100 ml and 125 ml. Some perfumes by "Joop!" are also available in sample bottles of 1.2 ml.
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Latest Reviews

RazvanykeRazvanyke 5 months ago
I bought this perfume with 0 expectations, I tested it in a shop previously but on a paper and seemed nice, I said .. why not, what can go wrong with a 30€ purchase. And then it all started to show: this is pure quality for a fraction of the cost,...
Lucho90Lucho90 6 months ago
Es un perfume DIFICIL, el cual debe saber usarse. Todo perfume tiene un momento y lugar. Esta es una fragancia que NO debe ser usada en lugares cerrados y temperaturas cálidas. Sumado a que es una bestia en la salida, con un olor polémico; sin embargo,...

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