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"Juliette Has a Gun" - in the name of the rose, the flower of love! Inspired by his works, the founder of Juliette has a Gun, Romano Ricci, was Shakespeare's drama "Romeo and Juliet". The main role in the fragrance compositions plays the rose, the queen of flowers. It is the best gift of a loving man to the woman of his heart. And that's what Ricci is all about, love. In this brand, the modern Juliet wears a pistol, she is supposed to stand for tradition and provocation.

"Fragile, unyielding, romantic or glamorous - women have many facets. But they have one thing in common: today, more than ever, they pursue the desire for independence. This vision inspired me to create my own perfume brand. The name? Juliette has a Gun... or the 21st century interpretation of Shakespeare's heroine. A fragile yet strong woman, now armed to live her most secret desires," says Romano Ricci himself about his brand.

Romano Ricci is the great-grandson of the famous designer Nina Ricci and the grandson of the perfumer Robert Ricci. So he already carries the best prerequisites for such a project in his genes. Actually, he was supposed to become the successor of Robert Ricci, but preferred to go his own way and realize his dreams. In 2006 Romano founded the brand Juliette has a Gun. He managed to win over the famous perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, who was involved in some of the fragrances. With his perfumes, Ricci is said to be partly responsible for the new trend of "rock'n'roll perfumery".
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Latest Reviews

KuraiKurai 9 days ago
Musc Invisible - Juliette Has A Gun

Musc Invisible Little fluffy clouds
Musc Invisible is one of those 'skin musks'. Soapy, sweet-creamy and cuddly. Typically, they give an impression of human skin radiating warmth. A particular taste. While some people would hardly consider this a perfume, others can't resist to vacuüm-sniffing...

StinkypennyStinkypenny 4 months ago
Another Oud - Juliette Has A Gun

Another Oud Quick first impression.
This is a long statement. First impression is that it smells like a cleaner, less barnyardy, less nuanced "Alien Oud Majestueux | Mugler". The raspberry comes out later on my skin, entwined with the oud which bends it into something that...

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