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Junaid Perfumes is a brand that evoked warmth over many decades and exported its distinctive fragrances worldwide.

Junaid Perfumes was founded by entrepreneur Syed Junaid Alam 112 years ago in Manama, Bahrain. His passions were beauty, luxury, and nobility. Alam originally dealt in pearl jewelry but got his inspiration from Oriental aromas and oils.

"Junaid Perfumes" promptly gained popularity and recognition due to the constant pursuit for perfection in perfumes, oils, and room fragrances.

The fusion of Far Eastern traditions and state-of-the-art manufacturing has always been associated with mystical magic and a promise of quality at the same time for the clientele. Under these conditions, the fragrances started their journey from the capital Manama to the world. "Junaid Perfumes" is, until this day, considered the leader in fragrances for the entire Arab region.

The assortment mainly consists of different fragrances, perfume oils, room fragrances, creams, gels, and fragrances for teenagers. The lovingly crafted incense burners, the so-called Mukbhars, are extremely filigree and are therefore considered "fragrant collector's items".
The range of "Junaid Perfumes" is featured on various online stores and the label's homepage.
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