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The promising American perfume label Kerosene is one of the niche companies in the fragrance industry, because even the career of its founder was unusual.

Behind Kerosene is John Pegg, who was born in Detroit, Michigan. Pegg got his first glimpse of the auto industry during his apprenticeship and was immediately fascinated by the various smells. Fuels, sheet metal, grease, PVC, and lubricants excited him as much as the scents of his rugged hometown of nature and earth. It was during that time that the name Kerosene was born.

John Pegg, aka Kerosene, started as an influencer reviewing a wide variety of fragrances and perfumes on YouTube. The desire for more quickly followed, and Pegg began creating his fragrances. He prefers warm, comfortable, and cozy aromas because they contrast with his cold homeland.

The man behind Kerosene is an all-rounder who, in addition to the fragrances, also creates the packaging and flacons himself. Using paintbrushes and color sprays, Pegg creates his very own designs that go into each perfume. Pegg himself described his creation by saying, "The result is when a shiny metallic Ford collides with perfume while songs by The Cure echo from the pointy tiny speakers of the clunky 8-track player."

In addition to perfumes, fragrances from Kerosene include beard, nail, and hair care products, soaps, creams, shower gels, lotions, and complete makeup.
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Latest Reviews

Landshark321Landshark321 27 days ago
Triptych - Kerosene

Triptych Fresh, floral, woody, agreeable, a nice turn for the house, something new
Sampling latest release from the house of Kerosene, Triptych, lovely, fresh, floral/woody blend of rose hips, lemon, geranium, pepper, ambergris, cedar, and sandalwood. It has a timeless,...

ArtArt 8 months ago
Copper Skies - Kerosene

Copper Skies Copper Amber
Copper Skies is a solemn and a bit gloomy, steampunky story about resinous-balsamic-oily (very beautiful!) warm spicy Amber with a metallic copper taste of cloves, a dark woods and a smoke of incenses.

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