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The Greek fragrance and cosmetics company "Korres" goes back to Lena and Giorgos Korres. Giorgos Korres grew up in his parents' pharmacy, where he gained his first experience with cosmetics and care products. When he took over the pharmacy in 1992 after studying pharmacy, he wanted to give the care products a distinctly regional and natural character. He, therefore, used the recipes and experience of his grandfather, an alternative practitioner, to create new natural cosmetics. After long research and a lot of laboratory work, the first homeopathic articles were ready for mass production, and Korres founded the label of the same name in 1992.

Through some tourists, individual products of "Korres" reached the US and other countries in 1998, where the natural approach immediately met with lively interest. From then on, "Korres" also rose internationally.

The products of "Korres" are designed for use in body, hair, and face care. The label itself describes them as "pharmaceutical herbal products" that contain neither silicone nor mineral oil residues. Instead, "Korres" relies on the Greek plant and herbal world for care and healing. In doing so, the company bridges the gap between traditional folk medicine, modern research methods, and sustainability. This high standard was and is regularly proven by independent certifications.

Initially, Korres sold its natural cosmetics only in the country's 6,500 or so pharmacies, but the products can now also be found in selected shopping centers, drugstores worldwide, and online.
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Latest Reviews

KatrinViKatrinVi 2 months ago
Black Sugar - Korres

Black Sugar It is what its name says ️
Black Sugar is true to its name! It is a vanilla crème topped with burnt sugar. A crème brulé near the fireplace during a snowy winter night. A warm hug wearing knitted sweatshirts. A sweet dessert you don't want to eat a lot of bites,...

KatrinViKatrinVi 2 months ago
Cashmere Kumquat - Korres

Cashmere Kumquat Makes my day
I love it..! This is a lovely perfume that I recently discovered in the pharmacy of my neighborhood. It opens with an orangy scent. After some minutes, I'm smelling a lovely warm almond scent and vanilla. Reminds me of spring walks in roads full of orange...

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