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The roots of the fashion label Krizia are Italian. The collections started from Milan and made their way to the international fashion scene - influencing one fashion critic at a time.

Behind the label was the designer & trained seamstress Mariuccia Mandelli, born in 1925, and began her entrepreneurial career selling patterns out of her car. Mandelli then founded her label in 1954, referring to the "vain nature of woman" (according to Plato) in a tongue-in-cheek way when she named it.

Her first collection of black and white models surfaced in 1964 and won awards from fashion critics. Krizia then broadened her horizons and advanced the prêt-à-porter fashion with more creations such as 'mini' hot pants. In the 1990s, the label gained more success and was worth millions of dollars. Before Mariuccia Mandelli died in 2015, she sold the "Krizia" label to a Chinese fashion brand.

In the professional world, the style of Krizia's collections was considered "creative and versatile luxury with unexpected details”, keeping in mind that the label regularly presented two collections a year.

However, the company was also active in other areas. During the 80s, Krizia offered menswear, a line for kids, and fragrances for women and men, all bearing the exotic "K".
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Krizia Uomo (Eau de Toilette) Better than i expected
About a month ago I wrote a scathing review about this fragrance saying that it was not my favorite and I didn't expect much. However after wearing it a few more times I decided to change my perspective and my thoughts and my opinions and I am now here...

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Krazy Krizia (Eau de Toilette) - Krizia

Krazy Krizia (Eau de Toilette) Crazy Obsession
A sweet & sour powdery amber in the style of Obsession. Not an original theme, but Dominique Ropion teased out a venomous green and over-ripe twist to the fruit and resins. Think Obsession meets Diorella. Comme des Garçons parfum (1994) has a similar...

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