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MasterLiMasterLi 7 years ago
Cèdre - L.T. Piver

Cèdre The perfect balance between sweet & spicy...
So there is something about L.T. Piver Cèdre that I like very much, and that is the combination between Sandalwood, Iris and Pink Pepper. I've realised that some of my favourite fragrances contain either Iris or Pink...

MasterLiMasterLi 7 years ago
Cuir - L.T. Piver

Cuir Honey & warm sweet Leather... gorgeous!!
L.T. Piver is a very old French perfume house comparable to Guerlain in that it served the Royalty of France in the 18th & 19th Centuries. The perfume Cuir was inspired by the French fascination with all things...

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