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The fragrance brand Laboratorio Olfattivo is a fragrance project founded by the two perfumers Roberto Drago and Daniela Caon in 2009. The reason for the foundation was their passion for irresistible fragrances. They, therefore, brought together several master perfumers to live out their passion as part of the "Laboratorio Olfattivo" project. Additional inspiration was provided by renowned figures from the national art scene.

Behind the philosophy of Laboratorio Olfattivo is the idea that an extraordinary fragrance is not created because it is necessary. Rather, it is about feelings, memories, visions, and passions - all the things that a good fragrance can and should trigger.

The focus on artistic fragrance creations at Laboratorio Olfattivo is also evident in the design of the bottles. Plain bottles that are limited to black or white or don't bring any colors at all. No reliefs, no flourishes, no unusual shapes.

This also applies to the brand's other products, because Laboratorio Olfattivo stands not only for perfumes. The fragrance artists also create aromas for body lotions, diffuser sticks, shower gels, room sprays, and hand soaps.

Since the project was launched in 2009, it has established itself in more than 40 countries worldwide, which is probably also because scent requests and suggestions from the clientele are greatly taken into consideration. The brand's fragrances are offered in in-house stores, in high-end boutiques, and on the homepage.
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VitoditoVitodito 1 month ago
Vanagloria - Laboratorio Olfattivo

Vanagloria Caramelized Incense
Let’s talk about this gem that will go on hype very soon… If you know Rosendo Mateu N5, remove a littke bit of its strong sweet vanilla (it’s still sweet) and add incense. For those who haven’t smelled RM5, Vanagloria is such a forward...

VitoditoVitodito 1 month ago
Vanhera - Laboratorio Olfattivo

Vanhera Please make an edible version
Vanhera is so good! It has a very high quality vanilla absolute which includes its bean, and this makes this juice smell heaven, not like a cake at all, but like a vanilla bean… woody, dark, rich, brown, almost liquorish. It...

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