Lattafa / لطافة

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Pronunciation

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SweetPotatoSweetPotato 16 hours ago
Ana Abiyedh Leather - Lattafa / لطافة

Ana Abiyedh Leather Note correction
The notes listed above are wrong, there’s no raspberry, rose, iris, etc. in this. It’s lemon, vetiver, patchouli, musk, leather. Judging my the notes alone this looks like a clone of African Leather by Memo, or maybe a general attempt at making...

MrHonestMrHonest 4 days ago
Qaed Al Fursan - Lattafa / لطافة

Qaed Al Fursan How to ruin a pineapple accord.
Step 1: Create a decent but overly sweet and synthetic pineapple JUICE accord. Step 2: Take the sh*tty dirtiness from Al Haramain's Detour Noir and synthetic oud-saffron combo from miriads of middle eastern BR540/Oud for Greatness...

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