Lattafa / لطافة

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Pronunciation

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ThiagomirThiagomir 1 month ago
Khaltaat Al Arabia Royal Blends - Lattafa / لطافة

Khaltaat Al Arabia Royal Blends Gorgeous and mouthwatering
A splendid apple/peach pie. It’s sweet(almost gourmand), warm, fruity, spicy, ambery and can be worn all year round, especially in spring and summer. Hidden gem and i can say that this is a complimentt getter.

Topfpflanze3Topfpflanze3 2 months ago
Najdia - Lattafa / لطافة

Najdia sweet chemical sludge
If you want to know how it smells bear with me... Its like you take Hawas/Invictus Aqua and dilute it by half with alcohol. Then you add masses of sugar, spray have a can of hairspray in it and give it some good stir and there you have it. Just...

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