Libertin Louison - Technique Indiscrète

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AndreLotheAndreLothe 18 days ago
Délivre Moi - Libertin Louison - Technique Indiscrète

Délivre Moi straw man perfume
I completely agree with both descriptions above: this perfume has some of the intensity of Indian oils and some of wet wipes. But let's go by steps. At the first moment is very bitter, herbal and sweaty as if the straw man had been jogging. But from...

K1K1 7 years ago
My Burning Secret - Libertin Louison - Technique Indiscrète

My Burning Secret Edgy geranium/mollified clove
Finally got time to get my nose on some indies and some rare niches. Libertin Louison has always been a point I saw in horizon, a triumph, and indeed it is. My Burning Secret, although not a outrageous artistic creation, but evokes...

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