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Behind the brand name is actually only one person: the perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi, who pursues his craft in Florence. Admittedly, he will have employees by now, because the success of his perfumes, cosmetics and potpourris now entails a lot of work, but all his creations are made on the fourth floor of a 15th-century Florentine palazzo in a very traditional and down-to-earth way, without a laboratory, without high-tech and without the specifications of a market research or marketing department. He himself gave this place the German name "Wunderkammer".

Lorenzo Villoresi, born in 1956, was pursuing an academic career and was well on his way to a philosophy professorship when his private passion, perfumery, grew ever larger and finally became his vocation in his new profession. He took inspiration and knowledge with him on extended scent study trips to the Orient or along the Silk Road, and then composed at home in his workshop. In 1990 he became self-employed with his company. The first capital order came from the great house of Fendi and included scented candles, potpourris and room fragrances. Other projects for fashion houses followed and in 1993 Villoresi presented his first two perfumes: "Donna" and "Uomo".

This was followed by a collection of monothematic perfumes, each dedicated to the interpretation of a classic note, and then the Fantasy Fragrances, which put "olfactory visions" - Villoresi's imaginings of fictional landscapes or atmospheres - into scented relief.

The list of his regular customers is impressive: Queen Elizabeth likes his potpourri, the Blair couple buys there, as do Sting and his wife (who also found the wedding gift for Madonna at her last wedding at Villoresi).

The ongoing renovation work on the Palazzo makes room for Lorenzo Villoresi's next major project: a fragrance academy. The perfumer plans to hold lectures, seminars and workshops there on the subject of perfume and its production. Furthermore, a fragrance garden, a collection of precious fragrances, a cafeteria and a small spa (exclusively for the fragrance students) will be opened.
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SmellGoodGuySmellGoodGuy 5 days ago
Atman Xaman (Eau de Parfum) - Lorenzo Villoresi

Atman Xaman (Eau de Parfum) A Proper Concentration Upgrade
Finally got this! Now that my nose has matured since the last i reviewed the EDT version, i would say this is a mature, boozy, animalic, oriental, tobacco fragrance. A more intense version of the EDT, but true to it. The EDT is sweeter...

PepdalPepdal 1 year ago
Vintage Collection - Incensi - Lorenzo Villoresi

Vintage Collection - Incensi fresh incense
My first encounter with this scent was the original release. This one has some minor differences to the earlier version. As always, thank you for watching and I hope you find the review useful. .

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