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The house of Lubin was founded in 1798 by Pierre François Lubin in Paris. Lubin quickly won the favor of the imperial court with its fragrance "Eau Vivifiante" ("invigorating water"), which later became "Eau de Lubin" - an event that quickly raised the reputation of the House of Lubin.

The fall of Napoleon and the subsequent Restoration, which brought the Bourbons back to the throne of France, did not hurt Lubin at all. On the contrary, Lubin now dedicated his fragrance creations to Queen Marie-Amélie instead of Empress Joséphine. But it was not only the French court that was supplied by Lubin - the King of England and the Russian Tsar also placed their respective trust in the House of Lubin.

In 1830, when Lubin became the first French perfumer to export to the New World, the eagle of the United States was added as another state seal. The perfumes quickly became world famous.

Since the founder of the House of Lubin had no heirs, there was a change of ownership in 1844. The company became the property of Félix Prots.

Towards the end of the 1960s, Prots' descendants sold the perfume house, whose ownership was now to change from decade to decade: in the 1970s, Lubin was owned by Henkel; from 1984, Lubin belonged to the Cologne-based 4711 manufacturer Muehlens; from 1994, Lubin became the property of Wella; and finally, in 2003, the company Procter & Gamble bought the house of Lubin, which had by then been bundled under Wella's cosmetics division, Cosmopolitan Cosmetics.

The consequence of this frequent change of ownership was that the reputation and importance of the House of Lubin was very much diminished. Shortly before the dissolution of the house of Lubin, Gilles Thévenin, who had previously been creative director of Guerlain and marketing director of Rochas, quit his lucrative job and took over the run-down French traditional house, which housed numerous compositions in its own extensive archives, which since 2005 have been successively reprocessed and completed, resulting in the fact that old fragrances of Lubin can be launched in a new interpretation and a build-up of the Lubin brand can take place.
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