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Margaret Astor was originally a German company founded in Mainz in 1952 as a subsidiary of Blendax-Werke. Wilhelm Boelcke, the company owner, after a long search for a name, chose the maiden name of his mother-in-law, who came from the famous Astor family: Margarete Astor.

In the years of the economic miracle, the company quickly developed into a business leader in Germany and gradually in other European countries as well.

In 1965, Margaret Astor KG was taken over by the English Beecham Group and eventually embarked on its global success course in more than 60 countries worldwide. Since 1990, Margaret Astor has been fully owned by the perfume and cosmetics giant Coty. In addition to the famous Astor lipsticks, face powders, makeup and nail polish, Astor also released several fragrances over the years, although all of them are no longer produced today. Interestingly, among them you can find some fragrances that were produced especially for the Spanish-speaking market and are completely unknown in Germany.
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