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Martine Micallef and her husband Geoffrey Newman run the Micallef brand on the Côte d'Azur near Cannes, which draws on perfume tradition and use of natural materials.

Martine Micallef, who also paints, puts a great deal of artistic energy into the design, decoration and painting of high-quality flacons made especially for Micallef. Artisanal, like creating fragrances, "all the trimmings" are also taken up and taken seriously. Thus, very beautiful, high-quality fragrances are created in selected flacon uniques. In addition to these unique pieces, however, it is also produced in series, which is why Micallef perfumes are also available on the market at a lower price.

The beauty institute, of which the Micallef perfume brand has been a part since 1996, has so far released 3 perfume series, each of which is assigned to a fragrance theme as a generic term for individual perfumes: Les 4 Saisons (personal color schemes known from style consultations serve as matrices of perfume composition), Les Exclusifs (fragrances dedicated to the interpretation of exclusive scents, e.g. oud), Les Notes (fragrances each designed on the basis of music, which can be purchased together with the music tracks on CD), as well as individual fragrances and Le Parfum Crystal (handmade flacon singles filled with a Micallef fragrance).

Furthermore, Micallef offers department stores, hotels and private perfumeries the opportunity to purchase a "private brand" and thus have their own Micallef fragrance designed and used exclusively.
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Latest Reviews

NXXoNXXo 7 months ago
Akowa - M. Micallef

Akowa A masterpiece
I don't leave a lot of review on perfumes in general, but for me this one should be much better rated than what I see. This is without a doubt the fruit of a great olfactory master. It is a heterogeneous perfume, which deserves a place of choice in all collections...

RisingChaosRisingChaos 8 months ago
Note Vanillée - M. Micallef

Note Vanillée Boozy Vanilla Goodness
To me, this is everything Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille should have been. This is smoother and boozier, plus SDV performs about as poor as a fragrance can possibly get and is grossly expensive. Performance here is passable. Strongly...

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