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Mercedes-Benz and perfume? What initially sounds like a contradiction is, on closer inspection, a thoroughly successful symbiosis that skilfully underscores the exclusive status of the car brand. The noble fragrances with the star are aimed at male and female customers who - just like their car brand - prefer perfection and completion. In turn, Mercedes-Benz is well aware of the demands and expectations associated with the company name.

Mercedes-Benz lifestyle fragrances include eau de toilette, eau de parfum, after shave, deodorants, shower gels and various fragrance sets. The men's fragrances predominantly use ingredients such as galbanum (gum resin), tonka beans, amber and cedar wood. This creates a powerful and aromatic bouquet that is as distinctive as the cars of the car giant. The discerning ladies can look forward to fruity top notes with peach and violet in Mercedes-Benz. The women's fragrances in particular are additionally rounded off by southern bouquets from the Arabian Nights.

Of course, the premium fragrances from Mercedes-Benz are not sold in simple flacons. The fragrances are all available in very original and unique design bottles, whose appearance is partly based on the respective aroma. For example, simple and elegant flacons were chosen for the playful and fruity women's fragrances. Men's fragrances such as "Club Extreme" or "Man" are visually reminiscent of a car key from the premium brand. The fragrances are particularly attractively packaged in the fragrance sets, which, by the way, are also ideal as a classy gift. In addition, sets such as "Man" or "Energeting Aromatic" have a certain rarity or collector's value, because Mercedes-Benz only offers them for a short time.

And where can you get the noble fragrances with the famous star? The largest selection here is - of course - the Internet with its countless online stores as well as the website of Mercedes-Benz itself (Collection). But if you would rather get an impression of the fragrances first, you can find the perfumes and care products in the drugstore "Douglas", for example.
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Latest Reviews

KayneKayne 2 months ago
Club Black - Mercedes-Benz

Club Black Pure luxury for a cheap price
The Mercedes-Benz Club Black was an absolute lucky buy. A few weeks ago I came across the Birkholz Dark Amber fragrance and fell in love with it straight away. I couldn't stop smelling the scent on my arm throughout the day and had to add it to my collection....

manlyscentsmanlyscents 2 months ago
Mercedes-Benz Intense - Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Intense Dior Fahrenheit EDT without the gasoline accord
I blind bought this very early into my fragrance journey because some very popular YouTubers said it's Dior Fahrenheit EDT without the gasoline accord, which intrigued me... Give me a break, I didn't know any better...

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