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Before perfumer Pierre Montale founded his iconic brand, he spent several years being mesmerized by the beauty of the Middle East. In the metropolises of Qatar and Dubai, Montale created new fragrances for private clients, which were highly appreciated mainly by the local nobility, celebrities, and, of course, the royal family. However, because these fragrances did not meet Montale's personal preferences, he returned to Europe and his wife advised him to continue on the path of the perfumer.

As it turned out already in 2003, this was good advice, because Pierre Montale's creations found a loyal following from the very beginning. That is why the perfumer founded the fragrance label "Montale" in Paris under his name, with his fragrances and his logo. Already the first fragrance collection, which he presented in 2005, also showed great levels of success.

With the fragrances from the house of Montale, it is recognizable that they stem from the gates of the East . Aromas such as "Oriental Extreme", "Sweet Oriental Dream", "Powder Flowers" or "Aoud Lime" are very popular among Western European ladies. For its men's fragrances, Montale mainly uses eagle and cedarwood, musk, amber, or even various spices. Montale launches at least nine new fragrance creations every year. Between 2005 and 2020 alone, the fragrance world could be enriched by almost 150 perfumes as a result.

Montale' also likes to emphasize the oriental component of the fragrances through the design of the flacons. They are exclusively round bottles of different colors, which always contain (in the writing or the decoration) a little gold.
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Latest Reviews

Marshall93Marshall93 4 days ago
Aoud Damascus - Montale

Aoud Damascus A bit intoxicated...maybe the balsam. But the longevity is huge
This Is a strange scent. Frankincense Is dominating for at least 1/2 hours then for all the rest (maybe 10 ...also the day after so 20 hours) i was able to smell just a lot of roses. Montale Is a great...

Oldish2002Oldish2002 1 month ago
Chocolate Greedy - Montale

Chocolate Greedy 1st Montale purchase
After trying many Montale fragrances, I ended up taking this one. Ristretto Intense Cafe and Aoud Forest were also very good for my taste. After a few wearings I can share my thoughts&experiences with you all. The opening is wonderful. A blast...

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