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Franco Moschino was born in Italy, in 1950. Franco Moschino was enthusiastic about fine arts and fashion at an early age. That is why, after graduating from school, he pursued art for the rest of his life. From 1971 onwards, Moschino mainly produced designs and sketches at the art academy. He also belonged to the creative design team at Versace and Cadette in 1976.
His early successes allowed Franco Moschino to found his fashion brand Moonshadow S.p.A in 1983. However, this was only the company name, the creations continued to be offered under his name Moschino. This was quickly followed by the first boutique in Milan, which helped the completely new and whimsical "Moschino style" to become even more famous.
The fashion brand Moschino is deeply rooted in the fashion world with its unforgettable designs, but sees many Italian fashion houses as aloof, decadent and elitist. Franco Moschino's designs are colorful, ironic and provoking sometimes, completely reflecting surrealism. The designer has always been considered as a one-of-a-kind Italian designer to ridicule the fashion world. Therefore, Moschino and other fashion houses share some kind of love-hate relationship. The popularity of the "Moschino style", however, did not diminish. Celebrities such as Madonna, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus are declared Moschino fans.
The brand sells various fashion collections for women, men, kids, teens and babies. Since 1987, "Moschino '' also produces and distributes unique fragrances for different target groups.
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GrizzlyscentGrizzlyscent 17 days ago
Toy Boy - Moschino

Toy Boy Deceptively Delightful
A word of caution, to start off; don't be fooled by the bottle and its seemingly innocent appearance. The elixir within is far removed from any semblance of purity. ToyBoy is an interesting fragrance. That's the simplest way to explain it. Interesting....

Zebra782Zebra782 22 days ago
Toy Boy - Moschino

Toy Boy Two Faced.
Disagree: Don't get it wrong, this is not a rose forward perfume, this is a spicy first, floral second perfume, I tested this and then let my wife smell it, she said it smelled like a bunch of freshly cracked peppers on cutting board made out of rosewood,...

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