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None of Rome, Paris, or New York is the home of the relatively young fragrance brand Nishane. But rather, the roots of these perfumes lie on the Bosporus. The fragrance-enthusiast Mert Güzel first studied sociology in Istanbul and then became the owner of a book publishing company that distributed high-quality and lifestyle illustrated books. Around the same time as Mert Güzel, Murat Katran also finished his studies and was (first employed, later self-employed) in the export industry worldwide. As a child, Katran showed a passion for fine arts and performed on the theater stages in his hometown.

When Mert Güzel and Murat Katran met, they quickly developed a desire to create something graceful, exclusive, and beautiful. Güzel had good contacts in the tourism and hotel industry, while Katran could contribute his international cultural and business experience. Therefore, the two fragrance lovers founded their label "Nishane" in 2012. The first fragrance followed just one year later.

The distinguished fragrances of "Nishane" are described by experts and customers as a combination of the Orient and Europe altogether. For example, the perfume "Fan Your Flames" is reminiscent of tobacco, cedarwood, rum, and coconut, while "Florane" exudes a scent of jasmine, vanilla, violet, amber, and lily of the valley.

The skillful fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, the resulting exclusivity, and the long durability on the skin make the fragrances of "Nishane" all the more unique. All perfumes and fragrances are available in selected online stores, high-quality boutiques, and on the homepage of "Nishane".
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Latest Reviews

AlwaysUpAlwaysUp 8 days ago
Tuberóza (Extrait de Parfum) - Nishane

Tuberóza (Extrait de Parfum) Tuberose the Great
The opulent scent of tuberose and jasmine, can identify gardenia and yang-ylang as well. Normally not my favourite direction, but there is something in it, which makes it wearable for me. Feeling like being in a wild garden, full of white bushes...

AlwaysUpAlwaysUp 8 days ago
Hundred Silent Ways (Extrait de Parfum) - Nishane

Hundred Silent Ways (Extrait de Parfum) Loud Caramel
Was intrigued by the name and what can I say? The fragrance is not silent at all. It is quite loud and definitely in a good way! I smell burnt sugar straight away, no any fruit or flowery notes, just loud but very pleasant sweetness with some lovely...

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