Odin New York


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Bara89Bara89 3 years ago
03 Century - Odin New York

03 Century Bloody forest
This perfume was my first real niche-love. I almost dropped a tear, when i tried it at the first time. You know that feeling, when something is so beautiful, that it is touching, and gets you out of the reality for a minute. Silky, smooth woods, wet soil,...

Adashi7Adashi7 4 years ago
07 Tanoke - Odin New York

07 Tanoke Evergreen Forest Well After A Rain.
I get a distinct incense character right from the beginning, and not the more perfumy incenses. More like those dark black sandalwood incense sticks, the kind you’d smell at a Far Eastern temple. Woodsy, smoky, resinous – yes....

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