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At once luxurious and captivating, the brand Olfactive Studio goes back to the French fragrance artist Céline Verleure.

It is a blessing for the world of perfumes and exclusive aromas that Verleure did not pursue her secret passion, architecture.

While studying marketing, Céline Verleure connected with various artists and personalities from the business industry. Finally, Verleure also connected with the Japanese fashion brand Kenzo, where she learned the finer points of fragrance creation.

Nevertheless, Céline Verleure's creative work is far from usual. For her, a new fragrance always begins with the appropriate name of the perfume. Highly professional photographers are commissioned to photograph Verleure under this named angle. In the process, she allows her passions (nature, travel, foreign languages, etc.) to translate into pictures that eventually serve as inspiration to create new fragrances. That way, Céline Verleure tries to create a "connection between eye and nose".

When it comes to aromas, the fragrances of Céline Verleure, who founded her "Olfactive Studio" in Paris in the fall of 2011, remain emphatically natural. Thus, the "Sepia Collection" is dominated by roses, bergamot, coffee, saffron, and/or tea. Verleure also stays true to her natural aromas in the individual fragrances. For example, "Selfie" evokes incense, maple syrup, and tonka bean, while "Panorama" plays with a fig leaf, lemon, grass, and vanilla.

The fragrances from "Olfactive Studio" are available in exclusive boutiques and on the brand's website.
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NiningemNiningem 7 months ago
Ombre Indigo / Olfactive Studio - Olfactive Studio

Ombre Indigo / Olfactive Studio Scent of mysterious shadow
ENIGMATIC... BLUE... DARK... VOLUPTUOUS... DEEP... SMOKY... OPULENT... A blend of plum and saffron, leather, woods, smoked resins, tuberose, papyrus, incense, vetiver, papyrus and benzoin. The evolution is full of surprises! Long lasting...

PepdalPepdal 2 years ago
Woody Mood - Olfactive Studio

Woody Mood Woody Mood indeed
My first review of an Olfactive Studio perfume, and one from one of my favourite perfumers, Bertrand Duchaufour. Released in 2017 based on main accords of citrus, ginger, incense and dry woods. Hope you enjoy, and thanks.

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