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FqjciorFqjcior 5 years ago
Lapis-lazuli - Pierre du Ciel - Olivier Durbano

Lapis-lazuli - Pierre du Ciel Olivier Durbano - "Lapis Lazuli" - the scent of ultramarine
This is the twelfth stone in a fragrant interpretation of Olivier Durbano, to the enjoyment of the fans of this extraordinary artist’s talent, including me personally. Many times I have already highlighted...

ColinMColinM 7 years ago
Prométhée (Eau de Parfum) - Olivier Durbano

Prométhée (Eau de Parfum) Barely nice
Promethée opens with a zesty and really aromatic head accord of citrus, pepper, a sweet-vanillic note with a bold earthy base, something fruity-rooty (I’d define it “Mediterranean”: it must be myrtle, which makes sense). Then something halfway...

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