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Linda Pilkington is Ormonde Jayne: when she and her husband were thinking about what to call their new brand (she found her own name far too unspectacular and unglamorous), they combined her middle name, Jayne with the name of their home, Ormonde Terrace.

Ormonde Jayne is a successful one-woman show and so far Linda Pilkington manages to do all the steps herself from finding and buying raw materials, composing perfumes, making them to selling them at the counter. She does this, however, increasingly supported by employees, because the small company has grown in a very short time to a much respected star of the niche perfumery. When it comes to perfumery, she has the renowned perfumer Geza Schön at her side, who puts together finished compositions from the basic blueprints she designs.

Linda Pilkington went from hobby to craft when her preoccupation with small fragrance artifacts (not perfume, because she did not have a license to process alcohol) earned her a commission to make scented candles for an acquaintance who worked at Chanel. Soon the small chance job evolved into a company idea and Ormonde Jayne was founded. Pilkington went on to make more scented candles and scented oil blends and learned a lot about perfumery before acquiring an alcohol license and starting to make perfume herself.

Ormonde Jayne came to the attention of the Walpole Group, which takes small English luxury brands under its wing and promotes them. The brand became a "brand of tomorrow" and Walpole took on a mentorship that benefited the young niche company. The thing that set Ormonde Jayne apart from other new luxury brands was the personal handmade factor, which from then on was consistently championed as a promotional business concept: Licenses for sale are limited to a maximum of (nowhere near) 50, and in addition to the main store on London's Bond Street and worldwide online shipping, there are only a few points of sale for the coveted products.

This exclusivity corresponds to the exclusive fragrances - only purely natural ingredients from controlled cultivation are used by Linda Pilkington. Her fragrances very consistently follow the trail of a few characteristic main notes in each case, and combine with them very exotic and rare note additions to bring out maximum quality. Ormonde Jayne perfumes are appreciated by critics and clientele as "arty" and at the same time wearable.
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Latest Reviews

CTDCTD 1 month ago
4. Montabaco Intensivo - Ormonde Jayne

4. Montabaco Intensivo Beautiful fresh tobacco
Absolutely beautiful scent. A finely balanced, elegant fragrance that captures the subtly of top quality ingredients. IDEal for autumn and winter evenings, but still works in the spring and summer months. Sensual but bright, smoky but fresh....

StinkypennyStinkypenny 4 months ago
Osmanthus Elixir / Osmanthus (Parfum) - Ormonde Jayne

Osmanthus Elixir / Osmanthus (Parfum) Underwhelmed, despite the exciting opening.
You would be forgiven for thinking that there is neroli in this composition, there is not. There is an aquatic, southern European coastal energy about this fragrance; for this would sit pretty on the skin when admiring...

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