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Behind the brand Philly & Phill are Tanja Bublitz and Stefan Cozma. The name Tanja Bublitz, née Brückner, will immediately tell the professionals here that she is the daughter of Munich's traditional perfumery Brückner, which is already the third generation to run the magnificent flagship store on Marienplatz.

Brückner's own fragrance creations are nothing new, but with the niche brand Philly & Phill, they are going modern and obviously want to consciously break away from the family name and put the fragrances alone in the foreground.

Stefan Cozma, on the other hand, is known from the field of culinary delights; he is the owner of the espresso bar "Signor Rossi" and the restaurant "Spoon" in Munich. He is also an enthusiastic and successful polo player.

Since the oud wave that swept over us, pretty much every fragrance brand has launched at least one oud creation and not necessarily delivered a product that could have convinced the critical nose junkie.

But for Philly & Phill, whose debut in 2010 was initially made up of the classic women's fragrance "Rosa" and the men's fragrance "Grey," eaglewood is a perfect fit. The three following creations from 2012 all contain oud - two of them are pure men's fragrances, one is declared as a unisex fragrance.
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Latest Reviews

ChypresseChypresse 6 months ago
Out at the Opera / Glamorous Aoud - Philly & Phill

Out at the Opera / Glamorous Aoud Absolutely gorgeous!
I'm absolutely blown away by this gem! I got a generous sample from a kind friend who thought I would like it, well she was right, only I don't like it, I absolutely love it! It's a bit strange because at first it smells like a typical men's...

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