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XakepaXakepa 6 months ago
Bleu Marine pour Lui (After Shave) - Pierre Cardin

Bleu Marine pour Lui (After Shave) Fresh and classy
My signature scent from 30 years ago: fresh without being sweet, chemical of course, but smelling "sharp" in my early twenties. I still have some left but except for the memories it will stay this way. Not cheap but outdated.

RossinioperaRossiniopera 9 months ago
Paradoxe (Eau de Parfum) - Pierre Cardin

Paradoxe (Eau de Parfum) Cool on the outside, warm at heart
I guess the paradoxe in this perfume lies in the contrast of the warm, sunny notes of hyacinth and tuberose, and the cool cloud of smoky leather, moss and pepper that surrounds them. Like a pretty summer dress in a floral pattern,...

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