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Herkules762Herkules762 3 years ago
Playboy (1990) (Eau de Toilette) - Playboy

Playboy (1990) (Eau de Toilette) Playboy Colours*
It’s exact original name was Playboy Colours. It was last marketed with this name by Milton-Lloyd Ltd. in a time near 2009. After the license was taken from Milton, they continued it’s distribution under the name America Colours. The design...

MkpunkMkpunk 4 years ago
New York (Eau de Toilette) - Playboy

New York (Eau de Toilette) Boss Bottled Fierce?
Playboy New York is a nice cheapy but common clone scent but taken in a direction it has never been before. This is Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce, Axe Apollo or Ed Hardy Skull & Roses, and countless other fragrances. But it is one of those with...

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