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The American icon and designer Ralph Lauren founded an unparalleled lifestyle business that offers current fashion, furniture, and decoration to fragrances, games, and pet clothing.

Behind the brand is Ralph Lifshitz, a son of Russian immigrants. Even during his school years, Lauren had a keen sense of fashion and design. He sold wide ties out of a drawer in a showroom at the Empire State Building and turned the profits into fine custom suits. After graduating from school, Lifshitz changed his name to Lauren. He began college, served in the Army (1962), married (1964), and started a family of three children.

The professional career began in 1967 with a small loan from a fashion house, which he used to finance a line of ties under the name "Polo". A complete men's collection followed and, from 1970, a collection for women. Ralph Lauren significantly increased his designer fashion, received orders from Hollywood, and created classics such as the trademark polo shirt.

The label's fashion is categorized into a large number of men's and women's lines, the "Purple Label", the "Polo Sport Collection" and "Double RL" are in demand. However, the typical Ralph Lauren design can be extended beyond clothing as desired. Bed linen, towels, pillows, and blankets make a lavish Ralph Lauren world possible, as do glasses, cutlery, candles, room designs, and even restaurants in Chicago, Paris, London, and New York.
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Released as a limited edition to mark the 30th Anniversary of the OG Polo, Modern Reserve is a modern interpretation of that classic. In order to make it more palatable by modern standards, they made a fragrance that is cleaner, much lighter, and less...
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Polo Cologne Intense can be described in a couple of different ways: 1: Kiddo or cocky female reviewer saying it's extremely mature and dated 2: OG Polo fan who states it is rather generic and extremely juvenile 3: An impartial fraghead recognizing...

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