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When the "Neue Deutsche Welle" was over at the beginning of the 1990s, a wide variety of music styles developed, such as Eurodance, rave, or techno, but also the "Neue Deutsche Härte". The Berlin band "Rammstein" can positively relate to this genre.

Rammstein was founded in 1994 by Till Lindemann, Richard Kruspe, Oliver Riedel, Christoph Schneider and Paul Landers. All members had previously played in other bands (including in the GDR) and had attracted attention with their innovative music. After their first gigs in smaller clubs, they got their first record deal in 1994. At that time, the band name "Rammstein" was created, which indirectly goes back to the Ramstein Air Base.

The musical style of "Rammstein" is hard to grasp, but moves between classic hard rock and alt-metal. The songs are often rough, coarse, and crude. In addition, there is a stage show that is just as rough, with plenty of pyrotechnics.

What "Rammstein '' is always polarized with, however, are the song lyrics. Although the musicians inspired themselves by classics like Mackie Messer or the Erlkönig, the band received several backlashes for their provocative lyrics. For the band itself, however, their lyrics complement the intense and powerful music.

The band has also been selling various perfumes that are meant to reflect the experience of the stage show since 2009. They transport spectacular aromas of Earth, wood, leather, and cocaine. The flacons with the "Rammstein'' logo are featured in retail stores, drugstores, and online.
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Finerthings8Finerthings8 5 months ago
Kokain Black Intense - Rammstein

Kokain Black Intense Hardcore
This is actually a solid offer from German band Rammstein. One might think it is very hardcore by just name or looking at parfum notes or style of the music, which band produces . But it is not. Yes it is dark and resinous. Yes there are notes like incense,tar...

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